Kento Masuda Biography

・“Maestro” from the Knights of the Order of St. Sylvester.
・”Knight” from The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta.
・“Knight Commander” from The Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich
・“Commandant” from The St. Giorgio di Borgogna
・The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS – The Recording Academy) Member.
・The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Member.
・Kent On Music, Inc. (ASCAP) President.

Kento Masuda began his career as a child prodigy, playing electric organ and keyboards while preferring to write his own compositions instead of playing standard songs. By the age of 10, he began winning competitions annually, including the YAMAHA Junior Original Music Competition. His success at such a young age has set the foundation for a lifetime of performances, composing, and music production.

His professional public performances began at the age of 17, when he performed daily for stations, big events, and ceremony halls. During that time, Kento was asked by several major Japanese music production companies to join various musical groups; however, he preferred not to work with bands that used songs written by ghost writers. He continued to learn recording skills by working as an assistant for a small music studio. Just a year later Masuda released his original first album “Wheel of Fortune”. Between 1993 and 1995, Kento live in New York where he worked in the area of music production and worked with such notable producers as Phil Rubin and Lee Shapiro.

After returning to Tokyo Kento during working on several music projects and jobs including radio, game, and TV/CM music offerings in Tokyo. Which were written (music and lyrics), arranged, and performed (keyboards) by Kento and producing his original solo album “MYOJYOW” (a non-standard transliteration of 明星, the Japanese word for “Morning Star” or Venus) on June 19, 1998 and since he used alias “Kent Masuda“. Which was audio mastered by Bobby Hata (recipient of numerous gold records for his work at Warner Bros. Records). And October 26th 1999, continue to be in released “MEMORIES”.

Both albums were sent submissions in U.S. and then Masuda received welcome news from major companies include Steve Vai’s management office of Sepetys Entertainment Group in Santa Monica. CEO Ruta Sepetys (since Ms. Sepetys was a music producer) suggested to joins recording member of Steve Vai. But then Masuda chose to becoming an artist himself.

In 2000, Kento Masuda established his company, Kent on Music, Inc. (ASCAP) as well as founded Kento Masuda audio production and recording studio “Externalnet” in Tokyo. He uses MIDI Master keyboard KORG’s OASYS with Apple Computer’s Logic Pro and Avid Technology’s Pro Tools system which has been interactive with final mix studios and audio mastering.

Shortly afterwards, in 2003, Kento released album “HANDS” on August 26th, working with Japanese music producer, Ted Namba (who produced X Japan’s vocal Toshi’s solo recording, T-Square and many others) in LA field. It was with his album, HANDS, that Kento Masuda’s music began to be played by radio stations internationally. With the opening notes of his classic piece “Time,” HANDS takes the listener on a journey in which the soul of the music reaches into a very spiritual realm.

When he used alias “KENT” on 1st edition of this album. The album was promoted to MIDEM in Cannes, France. After that infiltrated in Europe field amongst the German listeners and leading Masuda to gave an interview to Klassik Radio Hamburg as well as program sponsor Galerie ATTA’s owner and a painter Ruth Atta found his music is as painting as masterpiece.

In 2005 Masuda signed with JPMC Records, a Swiss label based in New York and becoming a member of the ASCAP. From then he has no alias and announced with his real name of “Kento Masuda”. This success was followed (in 2006) by Kento’s 7th album, GLOBESOUNDS. Once again, Kento illuminates the air with sounds and images of places, nature, dreams, and feelings. Kento travelled to Vermont to join forces with Grammy-nominated producer Charles Eller (who has worked with Dr. John, Taj Majal, Shawn Colvin, and Keith Jarrett among many others) to mix GLOBESOUNDS.

According to Eller, “Kento is an artist as well as an incredible craftsman at writing highly imaginative music that defies categorization in a good way. The music has extremely lush textures that work by defining intricate themes that evolve throughout each spellbinding composition.”

While his recording Hon. Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin visited at Eller’s music studio in Charlotte, VT. And GLOBESOUNDS was released by international music label JPMC Records and his music has enjoyed from myspace, Last.FM also recent airplay on radio stations internationally while his catalog of compositions and recordings has been featured in MTV, NME Magazine, and BBC Music.

The album “Light Speed+” released on September 11, 2010. Masuda usually put the weight on composition but also it is an unique style with full-length synthesis album. After that, Masuda had honorable mention of the “International Songwriting Competition”, with “TREE” (from the album “GlobeSounds”) at the instrumental category. One after another the achieving an honorable mention in 2012 again at the same category.

In 2011, Masuda composed music for renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto’s Femme Autumn Winter 2011–2012 Paris Fashion Week fashion show “Hands” and “Little Tokyo Poetry”. As well as collaborating on Masuda’s creative short music film “Godsend Rondo” that directed by Tomo Oya in Hokkaido. In this film Masuda dressed Yamamoto’s Ready-to-wear collections which has already been viewed world-wide by over 100,000 on YouTube.

Following the success of Kento’s first piano solo work “All in the Silence” (released on September 26, 2012), Kento thrilled audiences with two live performances at Musicasa Acoustic Concert Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, performing for an audience of international fans. His performances featured classic pieces that highlighted his career thus far, with themes that touch upon the many feelings of life along with those unspoken but shared thoughts that transcend all borders. From the tragedy of the tsunami to the exquisite beauty of the cherry blossoms in Japan, Kento’s music embraces our sense of wonder and emotion.

April 16th 2014, Masuda released 10th album “Loved One”. Produced by Kento Masuda and Gary Vandy, “Loved One” traces Kento’s musical journey throughout his most recent experiences and observations of life, while introducing musical selections that feature a compelling spectrum of genres. Kento’s newest recording utilizes the HQCD process for superior sound quality.

“Loved One” was recorded at Gary Vandy’s Studio Center in Miami, which has produced recordings that have won 8 Grammy awards along with multiple platinum albums. Gary Vandy’s 40-plus years of expertise have been reflected in his successful career of working with top label artists and producers. After working on the production of Kento’s “Loved One,” Gary Vandy stated, “Kento Masuda is one of this world’s artistic treasures. His music is at once sonically spiritual and visually expressive. You can literally see his music. The blend of smooth melodies and rhythmic grooves transports the listener to an environment that allows them to participate in his sculpture of sound. It is an honor to be a small part of his work.”

Joined by stellar musicians, Paul Messina and Kevin Marcus Sylvester (Black Violin) on selected songs, Kento’s newest musical offering transcends his previous musical styles by adding the brilliant renderings of Messina (flutes, piccolo, alto sax, and tenor sax, along with horn and string arrangements) and Sylvester (violins) to Kento’s compositions.

“Loved One” will capture its listeners with its timeless melodies. To quote Kento “When you touch someone with your spirit in turn they touch your soul with their heart.” Kento’s music defines his spirit and will certainly touch the hearts and souls of all who hear his music.

On November 14, 2014, Masuda, along with Japanese singer-songwriter Hiroko Tsuji, harpist Fabius Constable, soprano Donatella Bortone, and Lebanese and Arab lutist Ghazi Makhoul, performed in the dynamic and multi-cultural concert “5 ELEMENTS LIVE” at CASA DEI DIRITTI in Milan, Italy. This unique evening of music connected the sounds and voices of the east and west, while producers and collaborators Masuda and Constable shared their vision that music is both absolute and life affirming.

On December 6, 2014, Masuda performed at the “Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro” celebration of Monumentalis Ecclesiae Sancti Silvestri Societas in Tivoli, Italy at which he was honored with the title of “Maestro,” an accolade awarded by Monsignor Luigi Casolini to the Knights of the Order of St. Sylvester gentlemen, who are distinguished for their contributions of both musical genius and for charities.

On February 8th, 2015, Kento Masuda, along with artist and performer Hiroko Tsuji, attended the prestigious 57th GRAMMYs in Los Angeles, California. Kento had four official submissions for this year’s GRAMMY consideration from his latest album, “Loved One”, produced by Kento and Gary Vandy.

And 2015 continued to be a landmark year for Kento, as he was nominated to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for his 2002 composition “Tree,” a classic piece in Kento’s repertoire. He also received global recognition of the Global Music Awards and and was honored as a winner with a silver medal for “Addicted” from his latest release “Loved One” (2014). In 2016, he was nominated to the American Songwriting Awards for “Oath Path” and “Tree”, and nominated to The Hollywood Music in Media Awards for his composition “Addicted”, and won to the Akademia Music Awards for his album “Loved One”.

On March 22, 2016, Kent on Music released to Hiroko Tsuji’s 1st album “Free Yourself”, produced by Kento Masuda. This album was recorded by Antonio Aki Chindamo at Auditoria Records in Como, Italy and remixed and mastered by Gary Vandy in Tampa, Florida. “Free Yourself” won to the Akademia Music Awards, and was honored as a winner with a silver medal of the Global Music Awards for “Fly Away“ female vocalist of outstanding achievement.

On November 12, 2016, Masuda has received the distinguished title of “Knight” an accolade awarded by Don. Basilio Cali to The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta). And on November 20, 2016, Masuda also has received the distinguished title of “Knight Commander” an accolade awarded by H.R. & I.H. Grand Prince Jorge Rurikovich of the Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich (Rurik dynasty).

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