増田 顕人(ますだ けんと)

His Highness Count Maestro Don Kento Masuda

・”Maestro” of The Knights of the Order of St. Sylvester.
・”Earl” of The Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich.
・”Grand Prior of Japan Knight Grand Cross of Justice” of The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights O.S.J. Malta.
・”Baron” and ”Commander of Justice” of The Noble Order of Knights of St. Giorgio di Borgogna.
・”Grand Cross” of The Brazilian government of the Order of Merit of Education and Integration.
・NARAS – The Recording Academy Voting Member.
・ASCAP – Writer and Publisher Member.
・The United Nations Peace International Initiative Ambassador.
・Cultural and artistic diplomatic envoys and political representatives.


・文化芸術の外交使節および外国の政府代表・聖シルベストロ教皇騎士団勲章「マエストロ」/ バチカン市国臨時代理大使・マルタ騎士団勲章「大十字」 / 全権特命大使 (外交特権を享受する)・国際連合親善大使 (Sovereign Order of Malta)・リューリク王朝皇室付「伯爵」
・ASCAP ライター、パブリシャー・メンバー

Ana Alina Masuda

Her Highness Countess Ana Alina Masuda


Kento Masuda began his career as a child prodigy in Japan. His success at such a young age set the foundation for a lifetime of performances, composing, and music production. At 17, he began to perform professionally and then released his original first album, “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”.

From 1993, Kento lived in New York, getting acquainted with record producers such as Claude-Michel Schönberg and his Lee Shapiro, he deepened his quest for his own musical creations.

Established Kent on Music, Inc. (ASCAP) in 2000. He got a job at Dentsu and worked on TV / CM music. In 2002, produced “HANDS” in Los Angeles. In 2006, released “GlobeSounds” from JPMC Records in New York include the hit song “Externalnet”.

In 2011, he produced the music film “Godsend Rondo” in collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto. He expanded his playing field by providing music for Paris Collection fashion show. In 2012, he released her first piano solo album “All in the Silence”.

In 2014, he released his 10th album “Loved One” in collaboration with Gary Vandy.

In the same year, he performed a “5 Elements Live” concert in Milan, Italy. In Rome, he also performed the “Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro” concert by Monumentalis Ecclesiae Sancti Silvestri Socìetas and was honored with the Order of St. Sylvestro Knights. He was given the title of “Maestro”.

Since 2016, he has been honored by the Order of the Knights of Malta, the Order of the Rurik Dynasty, and the title of “Count”, as well as many awards and accolades.

In 2018, he composed “Rurikovich March era of Resurrection” at the request of His Royal Highness the Rurik dynasty.

In 2019, he produced the Gala Concert of the Order of St. Sylvestro was held at the St. Regis Roma Grand Hotel, playing the KAWAI piano (CR-1M), Kento Masuda’s signature model piano.



1992年、1stオリジナルアルバム「Wheel of Fortune」をリリース。

1993年から数年間ニューヨークに移り住み、Claude-Michel Schönberg や Lee Shapiro など著名作曲家やレコードプロデューサーと知遇を得た後、自身の音楽創作への探求を深める。

2000年、ケント・オン・ミュージック株式会社 / Kent on Music, Inc. (ASCAP)設立。電通の仕事を受け、TV/CMの音楽を手がける。


2006年、「GlobeSounds」をニューヨークの JPMC Recordsよりリリース。収録曲 “Externalnet” がヒット。

2011年、Yohji Yamamoto とのコラボレーションによりミュージックフィルム “Godsend Rondo” を制作。同氏のパリ・コレクション・ファッションショーに楽曲を提供するなど活躍の場を広げた。

2012年、初のピアノソロアルバム “All in the Silence” (邦題:「すべては静寂の中で」) をリリース。

2014年、ゲイリー・ヴァンディとの共作により、10作目のアルバム “Loved One” をリリース。

同年イタリアのミラノにて “5 Elements Live” コンサートを行う。またローマでは Monumentalis Ecclesiae Sancti Silvestri Socìetas による「Associazione dei Cavalieri di San Silvestro」コンサートを行い、「聖シルベストロ教皇騎士団勲章」を叙勲。「マエストロ」の敬称を与えられた。


2018年、リューリク王朝殿下より依頼を受け、”Rurikovich March era of Resurrection” を作曲。