KENTO MASUDA   Upcoming Release News “Loved One”   Spring 2014 CD Release


Upcoming Release News
“Loved One”

Spring 2014 CD Release

New York – June 13, 2013 – Kento Masuda has returned to the studio to work on his upcoming musical offering “Loved One”, which will be released in Spring of 2014. “Loved One” will trace Kento’s musical journey throughout his most recent experiences and observations of life. He will be working with Miami producer Gary Vandy and will be introducing musical selections which feature a compelling spectrum of genres.

Some of the featured songs on his new album will be “Addicted,” “Flourishes,” “Wish,” “Cherish,” and “Flare.”  These songs illuminate Kento’s versatility and his transition from solo piano  compositions (as featured on his last CD “All in the Silence”), towards a diverse sound which includes mixed musical styles and unique orchestrations.

Following the success of Kento’s latest piano solo work “All in the Silence” (released on September 26, 2012),  Kento thrilled audiences with two live performances at  Musicasa Acoustic Concert Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, performing for an audience of international fans.  His performances featured classic pieces that highlighted his career thus far, with themes that touch upon the many feelings of life along with those unspoken but shared thoughts that transcend all borders.  From the tragedy of the tsunami to the exquisite beauty of the cherry blossoms in Japan, Kento’s music embraces our sense of wonder and emotion.

Kento’s presence online and  the availability of his music through sources such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify have made Kento Masuda a global sensation with a swiftly-growing fan base.

Most recently, Kento was nominated as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in the Instrumental category.  Kento also composed music for renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto’s very successful Paris fashion week show and continues to work with him and to represent his unique designs.

Kento continues to compose and record while looking forward to performing in many of the countries in which he enjoys growing popularity.  His music has also enjoyed recent airplay on U.S. radio stations while his catalog of compositions and recordings has been featured in Billboard Magazine.

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