Orchestral works

・Seiren (1994) String orchestra
・Falling Water (2003) Piano and orchestra
・Calling You (2004) Piano and orchestra
・Godsend Rondo (2011) Piano and orchestra
・Great Architect of the Universe (2014) Piano and orchestra
・Rurikovich march Era of Resurrection (2018) Orchestra

Ensemble music

・Awake (2001) Piano Ensemble
・Arcane Sanctuary (2014) Piano, flute, and tenor saxophone
・Castling (2015) Ensemble
・Persona (2018) Ensemble

Chamber music

・Integrity (2015) 2 violins, viola and cello

Solo works

・Hands (2002) Piano
・Sakura (2005) Piano
・Little Tokyo Poetry (2007) Piano
・So we are (2008) Piano
・Shine On (2008) Piano
・Nocturnal Perfume (2010) Piano
・River Renditions (2010) Piano
・Incessant Rains (2010) Piano
・Sunrise (2011) Piano
・Belfry (2011) Piano
・Godsend Rondo (2011) Piano
・Reminiscence (2012) Piano
・Celebration (2012) Piano
・Duty Calls (2019) Piano
・Duchess of Brabant (2019) Piano
・Distance (2019) Piano
・Catharsis (2020) Piano
・Natale (2020) Piano

Works with electronics

・Sphere (1999) MIDI
・Wish (2000) Piano, tenor saxophone, and MIDI
・Addicted (2000)  Piano, tenor saxophone, and MIDI
・Loyalty (2000) Piano, flute, tenor saxophone, and MIDI
・Cause and Fate (2000) Piano, flute and MIDI
・Quan (2002) Violin and MIDI
・Fire (2004) Electric guitar and orchestra
・The Tsunami (2005) MIDI
・Oath Path (2013) Flute, tenor saxophone, violin, viola and MIDI
・Lotus (2013) Piano, tenor saxophone, violin, viola, cello and MIDI
・Free Yourself (2015) Harp, cello and MIDI

Vocal and choral music

・Silenzio (1996) Soloist, chorus, piano and cello
・Pandora (1996) Soloist, chorus and orchestra
・Memory (1999) Soloist and piano
・Tramont (2015) Soloist and piano
・Felicita (2016) Soloist, chorus and string ensemble